We have a range of allergy testing methods in our Centre.

There are two main types of allergy tests: Allergy testing that is done in the lab, and test that doctors can done during consultation in the Allergy Centre.

RAST Specific IgE test, sIgE blood allergy test is testing sensitisation to a single allergen of choice (milk, wheat, gluten, cat, dog, grass, moulds, birch, penicillin etc). There are more that 400 allergy tests to choose from.

Immunocap ISAC Specific IgE test, sIgE blood allergy test most comprehensive screening sIgE detection to 112 allergenic components …..

Patch test or epicutaneous test for delayed skin reaction metals chemical sensitivity, reactions to make-up, cosmetics – allergic contact dermatitis.

Food and symptom diary: Elimination diet with reintroduction for delayed reaction where food might be linked to exacerbations or allergy.. Our special foodsymptoms diary is used for this test. It is reviewed and supervised by allergy consultant.

Skin prick allergy test is the test that can be done only during consultation ..gold standard for allergy diagnosis. It rakes not more than 20 minuets to get results and sometimes modification of the test Prick to Prick test is used (Food Allergy). We offer allergy testing for more than 50 allergens.

Provocation tests: Nasal provocation tests are used to confirm allergy to a specific allergen.

FeNo testing: method to measure FENO, a marker of the underlying airway inflammation associated with asthma. From a single breath, physicians can obtain information about the individual patient's type and extent of inflammation within two minutes. This information significantly aids in the correct clinical characterization and choice of appropriate medication, as well as in the ongoing treatment of the patient's asthma that is aimed at controlling the airway inflammation.

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